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Why is Drupal 8 a mobile CMS?

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FaichiSolutions | Mon, 21/03/2016 - 13:58
Drupal 8 mobile initiative was ideated long back in Oct 2011 when Drupal 8 roadmap was being created. It was highlighted in John Albin Wilkins’ blog post. John has been leading the initiative since its inception. In this initiative, there were 5 issues that were distinctly identified to be handled in Drupal 8 roadmap and they were as follows 
  • Web services for native app integration
  • HTML5 elements necessary for HTML5 web apps
  • Ability to use Drupal’s admin forms on Drupal devices
  • All of Drupal 8’s themes to be responsive
  • Front end performance improvements
 Drupal community ever since, has constantly been working towards improving the mobile experience in Drupal and all the above issues have been handled in Drupal 8. Drupal 8 is planned to be the best mobile CMS. The following are out of the box features, available in Drupal 8 from mobile perspective. Responsive Admin InterfaceThe admin interface being out of the box responsive enables the admin to be able to edit and author content right from the mobile in hand. Also, it seamlessly toggles between the horizontal and vertical modes based on the viewing orientation.  JS Enhancements and Front End Performance Modernizr, the javascript toolkit to use new CSS3 and HTML5 features, is now in core of Drupal 8. This gives a boost to the JS enhancements and the front end performance in Drupal 8. Breakpoint and Responsive Image in CoreBreakpoint and responsive images modules are now in core of Drupal 8. Breakpoint module enables the admin to make the site change at different sizes. This gives a built in way to identify and use breakpoints. Responsive images module enables Drupal to load images in different sizes based on the screen or browser size on which the site is being viewed. Improved Caching MechanismsThere have been numerous improvements in caching mechanisms in Drupal 8 as compared to Drupal 7, which makes performance even more enhanced not only on web but on the mobile devices as well.Earlier, in Drupal 7 and previous versions, if any of the cache items needed to be updated and stored afresh in the cache bin, there were three methods of doing the same; either delete a specific cache or delete the entire cache bin or else use prefix based invalidation. But in spite of these methods it was not possible to delete all the cache of a specific entity. Now, in Drupal 8 due to introduction of “cache tags”, it is possible to add as many tags as needed to the cache items and hence the use case mentioned above can easily be handled. Hence, Drupal 8 has optimal cache invalidation method. Web Services in CoreIn Drupal 8, four widely popular web services modules are in Drupal core, namely RESTful web services, Serialization, Hypertext Application Language (HAL) and HTTP Basic Authentication. With API first publishing, the possibilities to use Drupal to expose content via JSON and XML, are almost limitless. This can be used to create enhanced mobile applications with Drupal as the back end. Drupal 8 Demo Installation on MobileIn this experimental Drupal 8 demo, we tried accessing the installation process for Drupal 8 on mobile via Pantheon. The whole experience of installation to administrative tasks on Drupal 8 on mobile was just seamless (screenshots below). With these enhancements and indeed more to come, Drupal 8 is the best available out of the box mobile CMS.     
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