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Drupal Account cancellation URL token


The URL of the confirm delete page for the user account.

Tips & Tricks for Account cancellation URL tokens

Getting percentage rating without using tokens it's possible in Drupal if we use PHP field and data from fields.

Improving the administration of Drupal with drag and drop file fields. That will improve the speed of the Drupal content management.

With Corresponding Entity References module is possible. We can handle bidirectional relationships, and that's very practical! 

The image and design is very important when selling online factor. Define image styles to frame your pictures in Drupal Commerce.

The Menu Token module allows us to add tokens in the title and url of the menu item on your Drupal sites. This time we will use to add the name of the user logged in the item "My account" menu.

You can rendering Views in Drupal using PHP code with views_embed_view function from Drupal API