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Drupal Medium format token


A date in 'medium' format. (Thu, 01/13/2011)

Tips & Tricks for Medium format tokens

You can rendering Views in Drupal using PHP code with views_embed_view function from Drupal API

It is very interesting to use taxonomy Drupal tokens to set the friendly URL path of self retaining the depth of the term.

Everybody knows that Google does not like "pages not found" errors (404 error), it may be detrimental to the SEO of your Drupal website, we will try to avoid it easily and effectively.

The preprocess_page function allows us to override the page title of any Drupal page with static text, variables or Drupal tokens.

Improving the administration of Drupal with drag and drop file fields. That will improve the speed of the Drupal content management.

One of the first checks that I recommend is to use the Drupal module Hacked!.