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Drupal Time-since token


A date in 'time-since' format. (41 years 3

Tips & Tricks for Time-since tokens

Drupal 8 mobile initiative was ideated long back in Oct 2011 when Drupal 8 roadmap was being created. It was highlighted in John Albin Wilkins’ blog post. John has been leading the initiative since its inception.

One of the first checks that I recommend is to use the Drupal module Hacked!.

With Views Responsive Grid module, you can view the results of a like a newspaper. Allows view content flow through the number of columns you want from left to right.

By default, Drupal manages a URLs system which some webbrowsers like Google do not like. To solve it, it's as easy as writing on the navigation bar a set of words as you can see at bellow. 

The preprocess_page function allows us to override the page title of any Drupal page with static text, variables or Drupal tokens.

With Corresponding Entity References module is possible. We can handle bidirectional relationships, and that's very practical!